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Types of Membership and Dues for each

$130_Regular Member : Regular Members represent Active Farms/ Selling Growers of Texas Christmas Trees who receive all benefits of membership. One Voting member per farm.

$100_Associate Member : The Associate Member receives same benefits as regular members. This category represents brand new tree farm owners/farms growning trees who are not selling farm grown Texas trees yet, and or temporary sellers of pre-cut trees, not selling Texas grown trees from personally owned farms. This is a non-voting category.

$150_Affiliate Member : The Affiliate Member category represents TCTGA exhibitors, insurance companies, general vendors, field equipment, tractor/truck companies, all Christmas tree products, receives membership lists at conference, discounted exhibits, and receives advertising e-blasts 2 times a year. This is a non-voting category.

TCTGA dues are from January 1, Through December 31.
After February 15th, 2018 ...A Late fee of $20 will be added.

I will follow the Code of Ethics of the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association and help support the industry and family growers in Texas prosper. As a grower, I have total acres of trees located in County.
Note: Number of acres planted to trees is "confidential information" and not available to anyone without your permission. Acres information is used as a total to compile the number of tree acres in the state. Please help us by listing your farms acreage.
Thank you.

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